Beauty Routine Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Mom

Without Mom, where would we be? Brilliance New York is saying thanks to Mom by giving you 50% off your purchase through May 10 with the code BNYMom50. We’ve also whipped up some time-saving beauty tips for the mom who’s always on the go.

1. Use all-in-one moisturizer. You need to moisturize, protect from the sun, and combat aging every single day. Don’t waste time doing each one separately. With SPF and antioxidants, BNY’s Pearl Day Cream does all three.

2. Touch up with concealer first thing in the morning (after washing your face). Doing other things afterward like eating breakfast and brushing your teeth gives it time to settle before you apply the rest of your makeup.

3. When applying mascara, hold a tissue under your bottom lashes. It’s time-consuming to get makeup off your skin when you slip. This tip will direct excess mascara to the tissue instead.

4. Focus on the three E’s (eyebrows, eyeliner, and eyelashes) on mornings when you don’t have time to go all out on your makeup. Then, if you have time, add a touch of concealer under the eyes and apply a quick coat of lipgloss and you’ll be ready to go.

5. Use the same makeup for your eyelids and cheeks. Choose a bronze color if you’re fairly pale and a pink color if you have medium to dark skin.

6. If you have a lot of makeup to look through, set aside a small bag with your daily “goes-with-everything” essentials. That doesn’t mean your other 30 shades of BNY Silk Finish Eyeshadow won’t come in handy for date night and special days when you have time to be picky, but sometimes you just need to go with the tried and true and get yourself out the door. And the great thing about your daily essentials bag is you can grab it on the go if you’re really crunched for time.

7. Keep a wide-tooth comb handy in the shower, and use it while you condition. This will save some major tangles once you’re out of the shower – tangles that would either take time to combat or result hasty hair damage.

8. Shower at night – at least on occasion. The next morning will feel so much more relaxed with that extra time, plus it’s a good opportunity to take a break from the heat of a blow dryer.

Other time-saving tips for your beauty routine? Comment and share them here so we can make life that much easier for Moms around the world.

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