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By way of introduction we are AmericanEcom, a worldwide leader in bringing consumer products into the U.S. marketplace. Our goal is to help you increase Domestic and International sales with the industry’s best sales team. As entrepreneurs we know how important it is to allow you to focus on growing your business and not dealing with the day to day. We know how frustrating it is to train an unqualified sales person to do online sales for you just to see them leave after 30 or 60 days with Zero results. We want you to focus on what you do best- Growing your business! Let us be your driving sales force. We are trained, skilled and experienced and can increase your domestic and International E-commerce and B2B sales faster and better than training someone in house.

AmericanEcom is devoted to customizing our sales services to your business model and sales goals.

Our expertise and unparalleled distribution services will provide you the following:

1. A professional sales force with Public Relations, IT , IP, Brand and Marketing support.Lead y our founder Eran Brosh who has been an E-commerce and B2B consultant for many brands and has a proven track record of helping brands to maximize their growth potential.

2. Efficient, cost effective and rapid route into the U.S, UK, European, Australian, Asian market.

3. Purchase orders with major U.S. retailers and distributors.

4. Full launch to your products in the US and excess to the world’s largest online market.

5. Amazon full or Partial management services from setup, registration, sales to promotions and product launces, EBC and A+ content. We offer all the services you need to sell your brand on Amazon US, Canada, Mexico, UK and rest of Europe.

6. Affiliate management- Increase sales in one of the best revenue generating strategies while maintaining support to your retail business and or distribution. Explore new ways to capitalize on online sales without reducing the price on your homepage.

7. TV sales- Want to show your brand to Millions of viewers? Wish to have celebrities talk up your brand and what’s so good about it? Always wanted to be featured on TV and tell your story?

If Yes, this is the opportunity for you. AmericanEcom specializes in placing brands on some of America’s most watched TV shows and sell their product on TV- FREE of any up front cost!

That is right, no returns that kill your bottom line, no need to commit to manufacturing units upfront! Sell your exciting inventory risk free and enjoy the exposure to Millions of viewers while you capitalize on sales and new customers and brand users!

8. Daily Sites- AmericanEcom is partner with some of the most desired, best revenue generating daily sites in the world. Sell your brand online anywhere from the US-Australia with Americanecom . We can get your brand featured in a short period of time with some of the world’s best online partners. Save time, money and hassle trying to get in touch with buyers we work with daily!

9. Google adwords, PPC, SEO and SEM services

10. Social Media management

Please contact one of our account mangers today to help us learn how we can be your sales partner and help your business grow as fast as you desire.

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