Eight Tips for Fall Skincare

Fall is in full force, but just because the leaves are drying up and falling from the trees doesn’t mean you should let your skin dry up too! These eight tips will help you give your skincare regimen the extra boost it needs to keep your skin looking flawless this Fall.

1. Moisturize every day. No exceptions. Even if you have long sleeves, pants, boots, and gloves covering every inch of your skin, you need the extra hydration. Reap the benefits by moisturizing immediately after you shower and dry off, so it locks in the moisture your skin has absorbed.

2. Use SPF daily. Just because you’re not lounging poolside in clear, 80-degree weather doesn’t mean you’re not getting sun. Remember, sun is one of the leading causes of aging all year round. Equip yourself with Pearl SPF Day Cream.

3. Use an oil-based face cream. This will help prevent your skin from becoming moisture deprived.

4. React to seasonal changes in skin. For example, those who would otherwise have oily skin may find that their skin is normal to dry in the Fall and Winter. If your skincare routine catered to oily skin but your skin is no longer oily, be sure to update the products you use accordingly.

5. Use a creamy body wash. Rather than those fruity body gels that are popular in the Summer, a heavier, creamier option will help add the extra moisture your skin needs to combat Fall dryness.

6. Keep hand cream with you in your purse. Think of how many times you wash your hands or otherwise put your hands in water. That dries them out, and with the combined effect of dry, Fall air, you’ve got to step up your moisturizing game. Cuticle cream and gloves can also help.

7. Don’t forget your feet. Whatever exfoliating and moisturizing you’ve been doing throughout the summer to keep your feet looking sandal-superb, keep it up during the Fall, even under those boots and closed-toe heels. Shocked how fast Fall came around? Spring and Summer will be back just as quickly.

8. Don’t lick your lips. That may provide a quick, temporary fix to dryness, but it will only chap them more in the long run. Keep lip balm with you, and use it.

Have more Fall skincare tips to share? Don’t be shy! Leave a comment.

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