24K Gold Renewal Collection Eye Gel, 1.19 fl oz (30 ml)

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  • HELPS REDUCE FINE LINES: Brilliance New York Vitamin C + Retinol Facial Cream is an antioxidant packed hydrating cream formulated to help fight free radicals and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • THE BENEFITS OF JOJOBA OIL: Jojoba oil has been used for years in the cosmetic industry in everything from shampoo to lotion. Brilliance New York has included this amazing ingredient to help encourage softer, gentler skin. Jojoba oil can be easily absorbed by the skin and works on all skin types.
  • THE SECRET OF STAY-C 50: Stay-C 50, known as sodium ascorbyl phosphate, is a highly stable and bioavailable form of Vitamin C. Stay-C 50 has been found to easily convert to Vitamin C upon application to the skin. Brilliance New York has included Stay-C 50 has one of their main ingredients in the Vitamin C + Retinol Collection to help ensure that you are able to get as much of the benefits of Vitamin C as you can!
  • THE VITAMIN C + RETINOL COLLECTION: Vitamin C works as a natural anti-oxidant, helping to reduce the effects of skin damage. The Vitamin C + Retinol Collection from Brilliance New York brings you three Vitamin C rich products to help improve your overall skin health; the Facial Cream, the Facial Serum, and the Night Gel. Formulated with retinol to help provide faster and improved results. For optimal results, use the products in combination daily, to help you keep your skin looking radiant!
  • ABOUT BRILLIANCE NEW YORK: Combining state-of-the-art hair styling tools, age-defying skin care collections, quality makeup, and nourishing hair care products all under one brand allows Brilliance New York to provide you with a full range of beauty products that complement one another for a complete beautifying treatment. Our dedicated team ensures that each decision and every step is deeply influenced by our ongoing devotion to both excellence and customer satisfaction.