Glory-Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

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The Glory-Smile Teeth Whitening Kit will make your teeth up to 8 shades lighter! Plus, the kit is completely portable, letting you whiten your teeth wherever you want!

For the best results use the kit 6 days in a row for the best results!

Our LED has an inbuilt timer which will automatically turn off after the 10 minutes session!

Our key ingredients make our gels 100% safe without any risk caused for your gum&teeth throughout and after the whitening process!

Simply attach the Mouth tray to the LED light, add 1/4 of the gel on the top of the mouth tray, 1/4 of the gel on the bottom of the mouth tray and you’re ready to whiten! It’s really important to use this amount every session for 6 days in a row.

– 9 x Gels (18 uses)
– 1 x LED light
– 1 x Mouth tray
– 1 x Shade guide
– 1 x Instruction guide

Key ingredients:
Sodium Bicarbonate

Light activators:
Aloe vera
Chamomile flower

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