3 Ways to Use Your Straightener You Never Imagined

Hair straighteners are awesome. Imagine the convenience it gives us and the help it provides to keep bad hair days away. It really is a great tool when it comes to achieving a perfectly straight look and our mini flat iron set comes in handy while being travel size. However, there is more to a straightener than what meets the eye!

Instead of settling with the usual poker straight hair, be creative and be bold. A high-quality tool should help you instantly boost your fab factor with a bit of imagination. Here are three unusual ways to use your hair make over pal.

Add a Touch of Color – Did you know that you can use your straightener to apply color to your locks?

If you are adventurous and want to try some radical shades for a day or night, don’t hesitate to try this trick. Pick your preferred soft chalk pastel colors and run it over some strands. Then, use our Diamond flat iron to seal in the new hue. Don’t worry, this instant X factor is temporary and can be removed by washing your hair. As a side note, don’t wear this while rainy days or the color will fade and will leave your clothes temporarily stained.

Seal your Wefts – Did you know that you could use your straightener to seal in your wefts?

A lot of women, celebrities included, are going crazy over human hair tape-ins or skin wefts. These are natural hair bundles that you can use as an extension and they have a double-stick tape at the top. You just need to sandwich your hair between two adhesive piece and use a straightening flat iron to seal the bond. Your newly installed hair will add length and volume making your already fabulous hair look stunning. It is recommended to use a flat iron that has an adjustable temperature like our Diamond Flat Iron since you would need lower heat. Also, the Negative Ion from this iron can help seal the moisture in your hair while keeping the frizz away.

No Wash Makeover – The solution is right in your room!

As a busy, hustling, partying chic, there would be situations where you need to go somewhere while running out of time. During those situations, washing your hair is the last thing in mind and we all know it takes forever to dry our hair even with a blow dryer. A quick way to get a no wash make over is to spray your dirty hair with a dry shampoo focusing on the roots. After that, you can then use your flat iron and rotate the iron down and under your ends. This will give you a tousled round brushed-look. Ideally, you can use a ceramic plated Diamond Flat Iron so it will dry faster.

Do you have your own unusual straightening iron tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below!

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