Beauty Dos and Donts: Swimsuit Edition

Summer’s approaching, and it’s getting hotter by the day. Going to the beach or the pool seems like a great idea, but are you ready for swimsuit season? These dos and donts of bathing suit beauty will help your style stay afloat this summer.

DO show up with gorgeous, beach-appropriate hair. Tousled waves are a great match for humidity and a beach breeze.

DON’T pick a bathing suit with a complicated array of straps and asymmetrical designs. Think of the tan lines and that cute sun dress you’re planning to wear next week.

DO wear sunscreen. Sun is a number one cause of premature aging. If you want color, grab the bronzer, not the tanning oil.

DON’T adjust your bathing suit with an audience. Keep it classy by ducking into a public restroom or removing your wedgie underwater.

DO wear a cover-up that actually covers you up. It’s attractive to leave a little to the imagination, not to mention you’ll want the option to protect your skin from the sun or enter a beachside restaurant for lunch or dinner if you get hungry. Instead of rolled-down shorts, choose a cute sundress that can dance along with you wherever your day at the beach heads next.

DON’T wear high heels with your bathing suit. Real life isn’t like a music video. Rare upscale occasions might call for the combination, but otherwise please remember that heels plus sand equals sure to sink. If fancy is your thing, pick a pair of blinged out flip-flops. Part of beauty and fashion is knowing what’s appropriate for the occasion.

DO consider your bikini body when eating on a daily basis instead of crash dieting a week before your beach trip. Beauty is accomplished by making healthy choices. Try reducing the amounts of bread and pasta you eat. Consume smaller protein-rich meals more often, along with lots of fruits and vegetables. Drink two liters of water a day and a cup of green or herbal tea (without sugar). Cut down alcohol intake. The benefits of a healthy diet are limitless.

DON’T wear a bathing suit that looks like lingerie. Save it for the bedroom.

DO wear sunglasses. Not only do they add style; they protect those pretty eyes from harmful UV rays.

DON’T wear socks and sneakers with a bathing suit. Unless you’re exercising. Period.

DO wear a bathing suit that fits. Choose a cute mix-and-match style so you can choose a different-sized top and bottom if needed. Jump up and down in front of the dressing room mirror to make sure nothing will fall out when you’re reenacting scenes from Baywatch. Keep in mind that triangle bikinis look good on smaller chests and that your girls might require more support. Also, constantly lifting a drooping cover-up, bikini bottom, or top is not going to look sexy, even if everything else about your bathing attire is fabulous.

DON’T wear anything other than simple jewelry. Save the dressy jewels for your dressy outfits.

DO pack water with you to the beach. All that sun, activity, and salt water can really dehydrate you. Dehydration is bad for your skin among other things, so drink up!

DON’T compare yourself to swimsuit models. Their bodies are airbrushed and photoshopped.

DO go to the beach with the mindset that you look absolutely gorgeous. Feeling confident and sexy can make you look confident and sexy.

And there’s one more! DON’T forget to leave a comment and share your swimsuit season tips and stories.

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