How to Mask, You Ask?

When used properly, face masks can be an enjoyably luxurious, stress-relieving experience – not to mention the incomparable skincare benefits. Whether you’re about to use your first face mask or aren’t quite sure you’ve been doing it right, these steps for face mask use should add confidence to your beauty routine.

Step 1: Choose Your Indulgence

•    Sheet masks like the 24K Gold Indulgence Face Mask cover the face with a solid object, creating a vacuum effect that blocks out air and allows deeper penetration.
•    Mud or clay masks like the Caviar Magnetic Exfoliating Mask draw impurities to the surface as it dries and tightens, absorbing excess oil without stripping it completely.
•    Thermal masks like the Ruby Thermal Heating Mask create warmth, opening your pores, encouraging your skin to breathe, and leaving it refreshed.

Each contains different ingredients with a combination of benefits including firming, wrinkle reduction, brightening, toning, cleansing, moisturizing, and more.

Step 2: Cleanse

Allow the ingredients in your face mask to penetrate your skin easier and deeper by exfoliating beforehand to get dead skin cells and dirt out of the way. When it comes to a cleansing mask, you may see the mask pull off more grime if you don’t wash your face first, but it’s typically beneficial to let the mask focus on pulling out the smaller, harder-to-reach stuff.

Step 3: Apply and Enjoy

Be sure to read the instructions. Some masks can simply be set on top of your face, while others are rubbed on and activated with water. Masks can call for a setting time of anywhere from two to over twenty minutes. Sit back, relax, and clear your mind while the mask purifies your skin.

Step 4: Remove

Depending on the type of mask, you may be rinsing or simply lifting it off. Don’t be alarmed if some residue is left behind. The ingredients continue to do their job even after removing the mask, but you can rinse it off without losing any effect.

Step 5: Moisturize

For best results, always moisturize after using a face mask. Begin with a serum, as the smaller molecules penetrate your skin and bring moisture into the deep layers of your skin. Ten minutes after the serum sinks in, use a moisturizing face cream to create a hydrating, protective layer on top of your skin, locking in moisture.

Step 6: Repeat

You can use face masks once to twice a week, but not necessarily the same type of face mask. Some can be used once a week, while others (like the Diamond Face Mask) are recommended for monthly use, so make sure you’re clear on the instructions. Using a variety of masks in your beauty regimen can allow you to reap multifaceted skincare benefits. Enjoy!

Step 7: Share

No, no, no! We’re not saying you have to share your face masks. (We understand if you don’t.) But we do want you to leave a comment and share your face mask experience.

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  1. I got your 24 k maskes for my mom and myself. I was wondering if you could use them more than once a month. And after you apply the mask are you suppose to cover it with a wash cloth or warm towel. Thanks Kim

    1. Hi Kimberly! Our 24K Gold Indulgence Face Masks provide a wonderful experience to share with a friend or parent – enjoy! To answer your question, we don’t advise using them more than once a month (and each mask should be discarded after use.) If you’d like to use masks more frequently, we recommend supplementing your treatment with our diamond face masks, as you can also use them once a month. We suggest alternating between the gold and diamond masks every two weeks. When you apply the mask, it’s not necessary to cover it with anything; the indulgence will begin immediately. Thanks for your question – let us know if you have any others!

  2. My wife also love this product. She was told by an skin care expert that this is the exact gold mask. After using this her face was clear and bright.

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