Exfoliating: What You Need to Know

If you’re not exfoliating, it’s time to start! Your skin will thank you for it. And even if you already exfoliate, knowing more about it can help you be certain you’re getting the most out of it and not unintentionally damaging your skin.


Exfoliating involves rubbing a semi-abrasive material against your skin to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells left on your skin can clog pores, create excess oil, and give your skin a dull appearance, so exfoliating can help prevent and clear up breakouts. When the dead skin cells are removed, new ones take their place, making your skin smoother and more radiant. This process can even eliminate age spots, sun spots, acne scars, and other discolorations. Exfoliating also allow your other products to work better. When you exfoliate before using your White Diamond Face Serum, for example, the dead skin cells are out of the way, making it easier for the ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin. Some exfoliating products, like Sweet Reverie Body Scrub, are combined with ingredients like jojoba seed oil, almond oil, and diamond powder that simultaneously moisturize and add radiance.


Sea salt scrubs, like Moonlight Serenade Body Scrub, are among the safest and most efficient ways to exfoliate. Using microdermabrasion devices and other exfoliation products improperly can cause skin damage. While scrubs containing microbeads have come under scrutiny for potential waterway pollution, salt dissolves naturally as you use it,. Sea salt can improve circulation wherever it’s used and is especially effective for remedying troubled, ashy areas like the elbows, legs, and feet. Everyone’s skin is different, but you’ll likely want to choose something a little more gentle to exfoliate your face and neck.


A good body scrub can be used around two to three times a week, but it depends on your specific skincare needs and the seasonal climate. Many people choose to exfoliate their face once or twice daily, though less frequently for those with sensitive skin. When exfoliating your face, try wetting only your hands and massaging facial scrub in quick circles with your fingertips onto dry skin for three minutes, then in larger circles with your palms. Avoid waxing afterward and be sure to wear sunscreen if heading into the sun, as fresh new skin is more susceptible to damage.

Care for Your Skin

The secret to beautiful, youthful skin starts by taking skincare seriously. Does your current skincare routine currently involve exfoliating? How is it working for you? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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  1. I didn’t know that exfoliating could be so beneficial! I might have to start doing it. It would be nice to have a body scrub. I’ll see if I can go to a spa and have that done!

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