Organize your pro hair and make up tools

It’s every girl’s worst nightmare: a cluttered bathroom, with no counter space to store all of your favorite and best products. Wish your counter could look as neatly organized as your stylists? We’ve got a few tips to help you organize your pro hair and make up tools.

There are plenty of ways to organize your bathroom or vanity to ensure the proper care of your favorite items. Whether you’re on the go or have a set system at home to get ready, these products and DIY projects will help clear out the clutter.

  1. Makeup Brushes, at home – There are a few ways you may have seen on Pinterest to store your makeup brushes, but the easiest DIY is definitely the re-doing an old flower vase. Take a square flower vase and rinse it out completely. Fill the vase with colorful beads or coffee beans, and stick your brushes in, handle down, in the vase. This will allow for quick access to your brushes, plus, will free up counter space by keeping them all together.acrylic-coffee
  1. Makeup Brushes, on the go – Save some space in your luggage by taking an old glasses case and putting your favorite brushes. This will ensure that the brushes won’t get ruined in your makeup bag with all of your other makeup.sunglasses brushes
    1. Hair Pro Styling Tools, at home – There’s always that moment of panic whenever you see your favorite iron or dryer fall off a counter. Protect your tools by using the Professional Salon Style Holder. This holder is heat resistant for the forgetful user, but also helps clear away the clutter on your countertop. This holder is available in black and pink.


    1. Hair Pro Styling Tools, on the go – There’s no reason to leave your irons at home if you’re on traveling. If you’re on the go, and can’t wait for your iron to cool down, the Brilliance New York Heat Mat is for you. This heat mat not only works to keep the heat in, but also protects your iron while it’s in your luggage.


What are some other ways you organize your beauty tools? Share your favorite tips with us on our Facebook page or tweet at us @BrillianceNY.

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