Plan The Perfect Spa Getaway

Ladies, we’re going to tell you something you’ve needed to hear for a long time. You deserve to be pampered. That’s right, a manicure every once in a blue moon just doesn’t cut it. And the little shoulder rub you give yourself while you’re on hold with technical support doesn’t count either. Simply put, nothing compares to a spa getaway. Luxurious bathrobes, lush landscapes, and a healthy dose of bubbly are just what you need to decompress and get back to feeling your beautiful, confident self.

We’re going to help you plan the perfect spa retreat, whether you’re looking for a romantic escape with your significant other, a gossip-filled weekend with the girls, or just an affordable way to relax.

50 Shades of Spa

You might not realize it, but there’s a spa for just about every problem. Feeling out of touch with your inner child? A spiritual experience might be just what you’re looking for. Feeling like the city is caving in on you? Perhaps you need a destination spa, where the location is half the fun. Before you plan your spa getaway, consider which of the following spas sounds right for you.

Hotel Spa: You might not be ready for a full-on getaway so a local hotel with an essentials-only menu would fit the bill. You can get away from the kids for a night and enjoy a massage and facial the next morning.

Day Spa: If you’re too busy to make a clean break, a day spa is the perfect thing to schedule in. Find a local spa that offers daily packages where you can get a little pampering in before the in-laws arrive or after your final exams.

Destination Spa: The ultimate spa! Get your best gal pals or your main squeeze and head to any of the thousands of destination spas in the country – or in the world, if you’re looking for a little extra excitement! Many of these places offer a remote location where you can relax in peace. All you have to do is ask yourself one question: where would you like to go?

There are also medical spas where professionals can treat you for more serious issues, at-home spa kits that transform your living room into a personal oasis, and businesses that bring the spa pros to you. However and wherever you’d like to be pampered, there’s a spa waiting for you.

Travel in Good Company

Spas are all about peace of mind, quiet reflection, and “me” time. But if you bring the wrong people with you, all that tranquility will quickly disappear. When you’re planning a well-deserved spa weekend, choose wisely. You might have a best girlfriend that’s great for happy hours and Sunday brunches, but if all her guy problems are going to get you down, don’t extend an invitation.

When you decide on the right spa companions, make sure to tell them early so you can all plan ahead. There’s nothing worse than planning for a relaxing retreat, putting down a deposit, only to have someone back out last minute. Okay, there are worse things. But a ruined spa-cation can be avoided by planning well in advance.

Pack Light

The whole point of a spa getaway is, quite literally, to get away. Leave your work at work, your domestic problems at home, and even your lifeline to the outside world behind. Laptops, tablets, and cell phones are prohibited at most spas, and even if they aren’t, do your best to turn them off and leave them that way. All you need are some comfortable jammies and slippers, a good book, and maybe a notebook to write down all the great epiphanies your soul-searching spa retreat will illuminate.

What we wouldn’t give for a day, or better yet, a weekend at the spa! But now that you know how to plan the perfect retreat, down to the location, the company, and the slippers, you can go enjoy it for us! We promise that you’ll return refreshed and revitalized, a new woman, if you will. So go on, start planning that amazing spa getaway you know you’ve needed. We can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!

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