How To Organize Your Shower

When you think about organization, you probably think about your closet, your home office, your kitchen, and maybe even your laundry room. But do you ever think about organizing your shower? Most women, as clean and tidy as we are, almost never put in the time to sort out the shower and ensure it’s a safe and effective use of space. But don’t worry; we’re going to walk you through all the steps you need to turn your shower into your organization masterpiece.

The importance of organizing your shower is really quite simple. First and foremost, a messy and cluttered showered can be a safety hazard. Showers are already slippery, so the last thing you need is a bunch of empty shampoo bottles and spilled product on the shower floor to get in your way if you need to grab onto something.

Next, we don’t always have all the time in the world when we need to shower. You might be late to work or your roommate might be yelling at you that it’s her turn, so you need to hurry it up. Finding your way through a maze of shaving creams, body washes, and loofahs is hardly conducive to a quick shower.

So we’re not just organizing our showers to make them look pretty (although, that’s definitely a plus!), but we’re also organizing for safety and productivity. After you’ve followed our simple two-step process to organizing your shower, you’ll be in and out of the shower in a matter of minutes.

Step #1: Throw Out Empty Bottles

What is it about women and empty bottles? We just can’t seem to throw them away! There might be a little bit of product left that we’re saving for another day or maybe we just like how pretty the design is. Whatever the reason, it’s got to go! We’re not telling you to not be a pack rat, we’re just telling you not to do it in the shower.

Start rummaging through all the products that are hanging out in your shower. If anything is empty, toss it. If it hasn’t been used in over three months, get rid of it. Same thing for retired sponges, old shavers, and dirty shower caps. Just make a little room and you’re half way there.

Step #2: Shelve It

If you’re currently storing your shower necessities on the rim of the tub or in the corners of the shower floor, you’re causing a bigger mess and safety hazard than you need. Modern technology has afforded us plenty of options for getting products up and out of the way and in a convenient spot to reach.

Consider getting a shower caddy that either hangs off the showerhead or uses a tension rod to fit in one of the corners. Look for a product that won’t rust or break easily, and has holders for hair combs, shavers, loofahs, and enough storage space for your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

You can also get a product dispenser that adheres to a wall in the shower and gets big, bulky shampoo bottles out of the way entirely. Just fill up the dispenser with your favorite product and store the rest under your sink or in a linen closet.

Unnecessary clutter removed? Check. Cleared up some space for sitting and/or resting your leg while shaving? Check. Placed your products in a convenient, space-saving caddy or dispenser? Check. Organized your shower for safety, efficiency, and ease of use? Check, check, check!

Looks like you won’t have to search through products or stumble over empty bottles ever again. You’re on your way to quick and safe mornings with a relaxing shower to boot!

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  1. I use a curtain rod and hang it on the back side of my shower wall then I took either metal or plastic baskets (I use metal ones from IKEA), and shower curtain hooks to hang the baskets from the curtain rod. It works great! It keeps everything up and out of the way.

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