Romantic Hairstyles: Braids & “Fairytails”


Some moments call for a soft look with a touch of romance. Whether it’s for a wedding or a night out, show your sweet side with a hairstyle that’s undeniably romantic. Here are some suggestions:


Create a fairytail garden (above), complete with floral accents. Inspired by the Honor spring 2014 runway look, it’s a whimsical style that’s perfect for a romantic evening affair or a picnic in the park. Simply pull your hair back into a low pony. Create loose curls or waves with your clipless curling iron and gently tousle your hair to soften the look. Add a few floral accents and you’ll look like you stepped out of a fairytale.


 Maidens with loosely braided hair

Braided Maiden

Seen in Nicole Miller’s spring 2014 show, this isn’t the tight wraparound braid we’ve seen in years past, but a soft one with loose tendrils of hair slipping free. Think garden nymph or innocent maiden.  Start with a French braid that wraps over the crown of your head. Tuck in the end and loosen the plaits with your fingers. Then pull a few strands loose around your face for a softer look.


Soft waves add a dreamy look

Loose Waves

Loose waves will give you a dreamy “Princess Bride” look. Start by applying Briliance NY Heat Protector to your hair, then work with inch-wide sections of hair (starting at your cheekbones) and a clipless curling iron. To ensure soft waves, keep the iron barrel pointing downwards and very loosely wrap hair around it until set. Continue around then separate and loosen the waves with your fingers.


Hair with spiral curls for spring/summer.

Spiral Curls

Spiral curls say renaissance with va-voom. To create your own, start with our Heat Protector.  Working with 1-inch sections of hair, wrap them around a clipless curling iron with a larger barrel and hold until set. Continue until you have a head full of voluminous and romantic curls. Gently separate them with your fingers and wear them alone or with a floral headband.


Even modern love could use a touch of old-fashioned romance, don’t you think?  Let us know which look is your favorite in the comments below.

(Photos via Fashionising, Luxola & Stock)


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Editor's Picks for romantic hairstyles of spring/summer.

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