Cooling Blankets, Bamboo Blanket for All-Season, Cooling Blankets Absorbs Body Heat to Keep Cool on Warm Night, Ultra-Cool Lightweight Blanket for Bed (79X91 Inches, Dark Grey)

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Product Enquiry

Product Enquiry

  • 【Keep Cooling】: Dangtop cooling blankets are made of bamboo material, the fiber structure is porous, multi-slit, and hollow, so it’s 3-5 times better than cotton in moisture absorption and breathability. Ideal for hot sleepers whose suffering from hot flashes and night sweats, you will feel much cooler than using other cotton or poly blankets. The fabric is lightweight and silky, won’t stick to the skin, or feel stuffy, keeps you cooler all summer and more comfortable sleep on hot nights.
  • 【Keep sweat free all seasons】: This bamboo blanket can regulate body temperature and moisture-wicking, speed up circulate airflow, bring your temperature down, so your skin can keep dry and cool without night sweats, and help you away from sticky feelings whether it’s summer or winter. Cooling-touch fabric features high specific heat capacity, which means this cool blanket has stronger heat absorption and heat dissipation capacity than normal fibers, so it will bring a cool night’s sleep.
  • 【Cool & breathable experience】: Sleep with a cool temperature can fall asleep faster and get a high quality sleep. This blanket is skin-friendly, It is better to use this cooling blanket next to the skin, so your skin could feel cool soon. Cooling bamboo blanket has a better cooling effect when used with fans or air conditioners, which can quickly reduce the body temperature by about 2-4 degrees, even one degree makes a big difference when sleeping.
  • 【Easy wash and care】: Machine wash on a delicate cycle (A laundry bag comes with the blanket. We recommend you put the blanket into laundry bag when cleaning it to reduce the damage to the fiber and protect the blanket.); Dried in the dryer on air dry or no heat cycle, while we still recommend hang it on the clothes hanger vertical and dry it in a cool ventilated place. Note: don’t dry the bamboo blanket in the sun; don’t bleach or dry clean, or the service life of the bamboo fiber blanket will be shortened.
  • 【Best gift and multiple uses 】: This summer cooling blanket can be used as an air conditioner blanket, nap blanket, travel blanket, car blanket, sofa blanket and anywhere you want a comfy blanket to keep cool; This cold blanket is also perfect as a birthday gift, holiday gift, anniversary gift, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.
  • 【High quality products and services】: We focus on researching cozy and aesthetic throw blankets, and insist on weaving our blankets with the best yarn, the most appropriate textile technology, and the most thoughtful design to provide our customers with high-quality products and after-sales services.

Product Description

Even if you’re a hot sleeper, you probably still want to be able to enjoy the comfort that comes from covering up with a blanket. No matter how hot outside, when you crawl into bed or lay down on the couch for sleep and settle under Dangtop cooling bamboo blanket, the feeling you get is unmatched. If you’ve been searching for a solution to help keep you cool and comforted while also regulating your body temperature, Then you must not miss the bamboo material blanket of Dangtop.

This multifunctional blanket is suitable for any season: In summer, this cooling blanket is cool but not ice cold, smooth but not sticky, and will not feel stuffy. Just use this bamboo blanket alone, and you can sleep comfortably all night; In spring and fall, you can cover a daily blanket on the bamboo fiber blanket to match it, so that you feel relaxed and comfortable; In cold winter, you can use a bamboo fiber blanket that can be used under a duvet / thermal blanket to Keep warm while preventing overheating.

Temperature regulating moisture wicking construction, bringing extra comfort for sleeping

Bamboo fiber has a porous, multi-slit and hollow structure, so the blanket has good moisture absorption and air permeability, so that your body bid farewell to the sultry, lasting cool and comfortable.

The best compact siro spinning technology for the best quality

Our products use compact siro spinning technology, which makes the yarn more compact, clean and smooth, strong toughness, and washable. The blanket to have a long service life.

Porous fiber structure for cooling

The bamboo fiber material makes the blanket very lightweight so that you will not feel any foreign body when covering it. The soft bamboo fibre blanket allows you to fall asleep quickly and have a better sleep quality.

Diamond-shape wave design for great breathability

Made of bamboo fibre, the blanket has a high specific heat capacity and keeps you cool all night. The diamond-shaped design allows the blanket to have better breathability, which perfectly solves the phenomenon of night sweats.

Upgraded large durable laundry bag

1, we’ll send you a laundry bag as gift. The laundry bag is large enough even for King size cooling blanket; 2, Locking Drawstring Closure design, more durable and easy to use than zippers, away from zipper breakage.

Revolutionary packaging for the best gift ideal

Dangtop cooling blanket is a great choice as gift. The attractive design and crisp shape will make the recipient as excited as receiving a work of art when receiving it; The sealed independent packaging means the bag has never been opened by others, the blanket is clean and hygienic.

Special Note: It’s known that all bamboo material products have a certain shrinkage rate for the fiber structure of bamboo is porous, so the fiber will expand after absorbing water and shrink a little after drying.

When choosing the blanket size, please follow the following simple guidelines:

Notice: If you are used to stuffing both sides of the blanket into the bottom of the mattress, Or your mattress is thick and you want the blanket to hang down a lot on both sides of the mattress, Then we suggest you choose a size larger.