Lip Gloss: Not Just for Lips!

Every woman should own lip gloss. Bonus points if it’s a tube of ultra decadent Allure Shine Lip Gloss from Brilliance New York. As if beautiful lips aren’t reason enough, did you know there are other ways to put your lip gloss to work?


Create a subtle rosiness to your eyelids with Crystal Pink lip gloss. Aiming for better hold and brighter intensity? Then apply a tiny bit of clear gloss to your lids before using eyeshadow. If you want a dramatic “wet eyes” effect for that enviable selfie, apply clear gloss over the top of a smoky eye. (Do it right before your big photo moment, because it won’t last long!) You can even create a custom eyeliner: Use a thin brush to draw clear gloss along your lash line, then use the same brush to trace that line with the eyeshadow color of your choice. Last but definitely not least, dark lip gloss shades can be dotted on the eyelid and blended for a smoked out effect.


Love sleek, wet-look eyebrows? If you don’t have brow gel on hand, just do your grooming with a touch of clear lip gloss.


We usually recommend Diamond Drops to tame your tresses, but when you’re on the go you’re not always prepared. If you’ve got clear lip gloss with you in your purse, then you can use a little to tame unruly fly aways and make ends more manageable. That goes for those little baby hairs that stick out when you try to make a pony, too.


Use clear gloss as a photo-friendly temporary dewy highlighter by applying it under the brow bone, on top of your cupid’s bow, and on your cheek bones.


Obviously lip gloss can be used on your lips, but what you might not know is how much customization you can get from one tube. Simply apply the eyeshadow of your choice to your lips and blend clear gloss over the top.

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