Three tips for healthy hair this Winter

Between the hats, earmuffs, freezing rain, and cold air, your hair is going to through a lot this winter. The colder, drier air is leaving your hair vulnerable to becoming drier and more brittle.

With the holidays around the corner, it’s important for your hair to keep its shiny, naturally beautiful appearance. For dry skin, there are lotions and creams, and for chapped lips there’s plenty of lip balm options – but what could you do for your hair?

Want to make sure the drop in temps doesn’t mean your hair suffers? Check out some tips for healthy hair this winter.

  1. Avoid the hot shower – it sounds like a great idea. Jump into a nice, long hot shower after long day – what could be better? The problem is that the hot water is stripping moisture from your hair, plus your skin. Nix the hot showers and opt for a warm shower instead, and save your hair in the process.
  1. Deep conditioning hair masque – Even with the hats and scarves you’re putting on over your hair, there’s still a chance your hair can become brittle. Treat yourself to an essential hair masque once a week, and allow for the Argan oil formula to work its magic. Not only will the masque help with hydration, it will also make hair more manageable.
  1. Dry your hair – Not only will drying your hair before you go out prevent you from getting a cold this season, it’s also helps protect your hair. Cold air makes you hair drier and more brittle, but drying it at home helps prevent that. Pair the Brilliance New York Heat Protector with the ProDryer 3600 Professional Hair Dryer for best results.

With these tips, you can ensure your hair makes it to spring without losing its brilliance or shine. What are some other ways you keep your hair looking great in the winter? Drop us a line on our Facebook page or Twitter @BrillianceNY to share your tips!

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