Protecting your hair from a new fitness routine

Taking care of your body has become a priority this year. You have been putting in countless hours at the gym (or at least thought about it) and made critical decisions necessary to improve your health. But while taking care of your body,  chances are you have been forgetting about one crucial component of your health. Your hair.

It may seem irrelevant, but while your sweat  is eliminating the toxins from your body it is also destroying your hair.

Some day to day habits could be causing your hair to frizz and break. Even worse, loose hair that absorbs your sweat may be increasing your chances of developing skin conditions.

Here is some advice to make sure your hair looks just as great as your body after leaving the gym.

Are you tying up your hair too tightly?
If so, you are probably responsible for a few extra split ends and breaking your hair. Sure, hair in your face is unsafe and you want it secured, but tight buns and pony tails can actually be pulling out your hair. No one wants to look like they have a receding hairline so we recommend loose braids and loose buns if you can manage it.

Keep your hair away from damp skin.
This advice pertains to all hair lengths. Even if your hair is in a ponytail or you have a short bob, ends that touch moist skin are more likely to thin and break. Hair ends absorb particles from the air and picks up dirt that you may be excreting from your skin. Our advice is to  keep hair above shoulder length during all workouts. Doing so keeps your hair healthy as well as nearby ? skin.​

Battling post workout hair without shampoo.
​It is only natural to want to refresh your scalp after a successful workout.  After an intense sweat session at the gym the best thing for your hair is to stay away from harsh chemicals and shampoo. Shampoo and other agents will strip away your hair’s nutrients leaving it dry and brittle. We recommend a high quality dry shampoo with the scent of your choice. This will absorb excess moisture and leave your hair feeling brand new. We also recommend moisturizing your tips with Diamond Drop Serum to prevent dryness.

Hydrate more than ever.
With all of your natural oils being secreted from your scalp,  moisturizing with a leave-in conditioner or using  a salon-grade conditioner is an absolute must. Our advice? Try our Protect and Repair Hair Bundle.  Every bundle contains salon quality protect and repair shampoo and conditioner along with a recovery hair masque.

We want you to keep your hair strong and healthy. Have you noticed any changes in your hair since you changed your fitness regimen?  Interested in our line of hair care products? Leave us a comment or tell us about it on social media. Stop by our Facebook and Twitter.
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