Secrets of a Perfect Selfie

Your Instagram feed is a snapshot of everything that’s going on in your friend’s lives, and showcases what you’ve got going on in yours. Sometimes it’s all about snapping a photo of your food, sometimes it’s about capturing an amazing event you’re attending, and other times its just about you. If you love posting to IG, then you’re very well versed with the ‘selfie.’

Here are five tips to capturing the perfect selfie:

Be Bold
Show off those bold prints or colors you’ve stashed away. There’s always that one outfit that’s resting in the back of your closet, waiting for a special occasion. If you finally found the perfect moment to show off your favorite outfit, then it’s time to start snapping. Need an angle? We’re all familiar with the selfie in the mirror shot, but do as the models do instead. Hold the phone high and shoot at a 45 degree angle so you look your trim best.

Digital Makeover
Download your new favorite app. Let the best version of yourself shine through with some amazing apps to make your pictures pop. VSCOCam and Bright Camera are two great apps to capture the bright blue skies, beautiful beach background or pops of color in your outfit. Plus, after a little editing, you’ll be able to post your pic with #nofilter.

Hair and Makeup
Play with some trends! There’s really nothing better than showing off a fantastic new red lipstick or looking like you just stepped out of the salon. If you love your new ‘do or if you feel your makeup is nothing less than stunning, post it!

Capture a Moment
Snap a pic of you and your friends in your best moments. Did you take an amazing road trip, have a fantastic beach day or go to a spectacular BBQ? Action shots might be difficult to capture with a phone camera, but using the front facing camera, you and your friends can crowd together and capture an amazing shared moment.

Say cheese! We all know duck faces are out, and smiles are in. How else can you show off that perfect lipstick or gorgeous hairstyle?

Got it? Perfect. We love seeing selfies with style! We can’t wait to see your fab faces on our feeds. Follow us and let us know your selfie secrets on our Facebook page or on Twitter, @BrillianceNY.

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