Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Hype or Help?

You’ve likely seen shampoo ads with “Sulfate Free” or “No Sulfates,” but have you wondered what the fuss is all about? Before you ditch your current shampoo, read up on if this newest beauty buzzword is right for you.

While some people can see vast improvements in their hair by using sulfate free shampoos, other people realize that their hair appears more limp, lacks volume, and isn’t necessarily as clean in comparison to the last shampoo they were using.

Before taking your next shower, take a look at the ingredients list of your shampoo. While some people swear by sulfate-free shampoo, it may cause problems for people who were doing just fine with their current products.

Why Companies Use Sulfates

Companies use sulfates in their products because it cuts through grease and creates that soapy lather we all love so much. For some people, sulfates can cause irritation of the skin and scalp. These people need to use a milder shampoo, as delicate hair follicles may not react well to these specific chemicals.

Have you noticed your shampoo has:

  • Made your hair dry and damaged it?
  • Stripped your Keratin or hair color treatment, leaving you with duller, less intense color?
  • Irritated your scalp and trigger skin problems, including dandruff and eczema?
  • Increased the amount of hair loss?

A sulfate-free shampoo might be best for you. It’s designed to restore the balance of your hair and scalp, without stripping them of moisture. The end result is hair that’s strong, healthy and still clean.

The Argan oil formula of our Protect and Repair Shampoo also adds essential oils that keep your hair full of volume and shine. Pair it with the Protect and Repair Conditioner and your hair will look better than it’s ever looked before.

How can I tell if sulfate free shampoo isn’t for me?

It’s easy to get read some scary information out there on sulfates, and it may lead you to want to try a sulfate-free shampoo. However, some users of sulfate free shampoo have noticed the following problems:

  • Heavily tangled hair
  • Dry, itchy scalp
  • Oilier, sticky hair
  • Limper curls for naturally curly haired people

If you want full-bodied, voluminous hair and need a strong amount of hydration, the Volume And Repair Shampoo is for you. The shampoo features a distinct formula featuring Argan oil, which treats revitalizes hair starting at the roots. When paired with the Volume and Repair Conditioner, you can expect vibrant, smoother hair with visible amounts of volume.

Each person has different hair needs, and sulfates may or may not be right for you. No matter what you’re looking for though, either of these products will leave you with the hair you’ll be totally in love with.


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  1. would like to see if you have product that could make my life , better ! My hair is about 80% gray ,100% natural, thick,dry , using hair dye for year’s ( sister hair )shoulder length and it is heavily tangled when wet, it also try to lock when dry !! help ?!!!

    1. Hi Sheila, We certainly have products t help! We recommend our 1.25” 100% solid ceramic flat iron. This model is ideal for thick, dry, course hair and when used regularly, helps release natural minerals and oils from inside the hair shaft to the surface, making hair visibly more shiny and much softer to the touch. Let us know if you have any other questions or email us at To your health and beauty!

  2. I notice that my Brilliance shampoo and conditioner bottles say made in China on the bottom of the containers. Does this refer to the product or the container?
    I’m a bit nervous about using chemical products from China.

    1. Hi Nancy, although our shampoo and conditioner are manufactured in China, the formulas were developed in the states. We have a very vigorous testing system in place to ensure the quality of our various products, the hair care line, in particular, utilizes superb ingredients designed to nourish and replenish hair. We also do quality control while products are being manufactured to ensure each batch meets our standards and contains only what was previously approved for production. Hope this helped and feel free to contact us if you need more information.

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