HAIROIC Pro Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer Tourmaline 1875W Powerful Blow Dryer for Faster Drying, Includes Diffuser & Concentrator & Comb, Soft Touch Finish

PROFESSIONAL 1875W AC MOTOR FOR EXTRA LONG LIFE – The durable salon quality AC motor has an extended lifespan lasting up to 4X longer. With professional 1875w of drying power and airflow speed of 90 km/h, it’s guaranteed to give you faster salon quality for styling and drying

Far infrared heat has a longerwavelength than conventional heat, enabling it to penetrate directly into the cortex of hair cuticles, heating from the inside out, the hair is heated evenly, and in half the time of conventional heat, reducing the risk of damage and give a protective barrier

2 speed (strong/gentle) and 3 heat (hot/moderate/warm) settings for complete drying and styling flexibility, Cool shot button locks in all styles

Double safety net, prevent hair will not be sucked into the hair dryer, removable lint filter, to facilitate the timely clean up

NEGATIVE IONS – Which can result in softer, healthier hair with less static, Includes Diffuser for frizz-free volume & curl styles, Concentrator for smooth & shiny styles, Comb for no knotting and smooth hair

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8 reviews for HAIROIC Pro Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer Tourmaline 1875W Powerful Blow Dryer for Faster Drying, Includes Diffuser & Concentrator & Comb, Soft Touch Finish

  1. Stephanie C

    For years I was buying cheap hairdryers that would just die after a year or so. After repeating this cycle several times, I wondered whether hair dryers might be one of those things that ‘you get what you pay for.’ Turns out that is absolutely true – this unit is far and away better than the crappy $25 revlon ones I had been using.I love that it has a medium heat setting – usually it’s just high and low, with a cold shot if you’re lucky. This one has all 4, and it’s very useful. I usually start off on high, then finish on medium for the roots.I don’t know if it’s the ‘ionic’ feature or just a better quality heater than I’m used to, but my hair is noticeably less frizzy after using this dryer than the old ones.The diffuser works as well as on any dryer – nothing especially different about it. It does fall off rather easily, but if you’re changing the attachment frequently it is probably easier to switch that way. I only use the diffuser, so I don’t really need it to come off at all.This hairdryer would fit right in at a salon. The color is actually really good looking, almost a classy sort of thing. You wouldn’t think that would matter that much, but it definitely makes it look more professional.Overall I could not be more pleased. I do update reviews if items go wrong later or break early, so if this review has not been updated then the dryer is still working as well as it is now!

  2. MyGuidedSelf

    I absolutely love this hair dryer. It is comfortable to use and attachments are very helpful. I use the comb attachment frequently. It dispenses the right amount of heat while maintaining softness and shine to my hair. I have very thick, coarse curly hair, naturally. Whether I dry my hair curly with the diffuser or blow it out straight with the comb attachment and round brush, my hair looks amazing. The pictures attached are all from blowing out my hair and no curling irons or flat irons were used.

  3. Amber H

    I’m a stickler about hair dryers. With my naturally curly hair, I have to be.This was a good purchase. Thanks to everyone else’s positive reviews, I bit the bullet and tried it out. They didn’t steer me wrong. I honestly don’t even have to use the “high” setting. This thing rocks on low AND talk about some heat! Great quality and worth the extra money.

  4. Jimmy

    I have been a hairstylist for 14 years and have always used Solano dryers. This hairdryer is way better in my opinion. It is lighter, dries hair faster, makes hair look super shiny, and is an excellent price. I will definitely purchase this again in the future.

  5. Michelle Amy

    I’ve tried many hair dryers from many different brands and this is by far the best I’ve tried. Arrived as promised. Packaging was done very well. Box design was sleek and easy to open. Hair dryer wasn’t very light but I wasn’t expecting it to be. At first the small nozzle was a concern to me because I’ve alway bought hair dryers with a bigger nozzle but when I actually turned it on to use it. I love it. The high setting turns on a red light which scared me a bit until I realize it was normal. The feel of the handle and the dryer itself felt very high end. Great product made with care.

  6. Isabel

    So nice! I was a little wary as I was not familiar with this brand but I am super impressed! It has the look and feel of a very expensive hair dryer and it works very smoothly. I was needing a new one after my revlon started blowing sparks! I like the additional attachments it came with but I’m not sure how to use them. I like the sound it makes also. It’s of excellent quality and seems to dry my long/thick hair in relatively short time!

  7. Valerie J. Nelson

    I like the way this dryer looks. It dries my hair fairly okay. First I have to sit under the hooded dryer then the hand held with diffuser. My hair is soaking wet when I start that’s why the long drying time I think I have only used this blow dryer 2x so it’s really too soon to give it a reviewI

  8. Nikki Byrd

    High power, dries hair quick without feeling super hot. Buttons are in a weird spot if you hold the handle you will turn it off. Easier to hold the barrel but it’s heavy

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