Hairoic Hair Straightener Brush Matte Black

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Combines straightening iron and a brush

The HAIROIC ring with 3D heating teeth

Auto off function

5 heat settings for different hair types

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Product accessories including a bag 2 clips and a heatproof glove

10 customer reviews

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10 reviews for Hairoic Hair Straightener Brush Matte Black

  1. Kerry S

    I give this comb 5 stars because it did exactly what I wanted it to do in very little time. It came nicely packaged and had 2 hair clips. I didn’t remember seeing that as an addition in the product description. My hair is usually curly and I wanted something to make it more manageable or that would afford me to style easier. This comb works better than the brushes would since it works it’s way through the strands of hair and can get closer to the hairline, too. One thing though, don’t tilt the comb whole you straighten or it will grab the hair and tear it. Keep it straight as you work your way down your hair. Other than that, it works well. In the pictures it took me 40 mins to work my way through the hair twice and about 25 mins the first time. It straightens right away and doesnt take more than like a minute to heat up. Very nice and I’d recommend this to anyone over the brush.

  2. Just a Person

    Very easy to use! Prefer this over a straightener! Super easy to use!Wavy/curly hair to sleek and straight!

  3. Rosa Lee

    Very easy to use on straightening my hair. Love the results!

  4. Keyao An

    Soooo Pretty!  More Powerful & Worthier!I fell in love with this pretty brush at the first sight! I bet my life it is the most beautiful & stylish hair straightener brush in the world. It looks so “Dyson” but it has a much more reasonable price.I am looking for a hair straightener brush because I’m so tired of straightening my hair with flat iron, which is time-consuming and keep damaging my hair seriously (Sometimes I even burn my ear by accident). So I thought, why not give it a shot! T his pretty baby completely exceeds my expectations!  Literally, it heat up within 60s and just in few minutes, it straightened my thick, wavy hair without the danger of burning myself. Super quick and safe. So glad I found it! Unbeatable deal for the money!I’ve used it for weeks and it worked perfectly with my long curly hair! Straighten my hair fast yet keep the volume. Now I can switch between curly and staright hair as I like! Love it!

  5. Ericaburkhard

    I have think wavy hair and I hate straightening my hair so, my daughter normally does it for me. I seen a video of someone using this straightener comb and I thought that looks easy, I have to give it a try. Got it today and couldn’t wait to try it!!! Usually it takes 1 hr to do my hair, I was done with it in 30 mins and I did it all by myself. I’m very happy and pleased with this straightening comb. Ill probably get my daughter and her best friend one… my hair is straight, smooth and soft after use… love this product!!!!

  6. Lucely Cepeda

    Me encanto este hair straightener brush es muy facil de usar y hace todo lo que dice te deja tu pelo bien suave y lacio se lo recomiendo, sin duda lo volveria a comprar

  7. linylinyilinyinlinyinwlinyinwe

    OMG, OMG! Best buy of 2019 so far!!! Where do I start? Idk, haha, Ok, it looks really pretty and well-made, I love to hold it and watch myself straightening hair in the mirror.I was a bit afraid of lack of review of this product at first, but it looks really nice and covered by warranty, so I cannot resist to click the buy button, and It turns out great!!!It get the job done fast. I have thick hair, so I used to spend more than 1 hour to straight my hair in 8 sections, which was a pain. I have to make up every morning, so my time is very limited, I hate to wake up at 6 am every day, but now I can get up at 7 am, because I only spend about 10 minutes on my hair with this straightener. 50 minutes extra sleep really makes a huge difference, I am able to stay more focused at study in the afternoon when I would usually zone out. This straightener saves my life!!!It also makes my hair looks more natural. I prefer to wear natural looking hair, but flat iron would kill volume and make my hair dead flat. This straightener suits my needs just right, I like the natural shine and silky looking, especially the volume of my hair after using it. My classmate starred at my hair for the whole morning and asked me which salon I went to, I was like, uhhh, home, and she was like, really?? LollllSafety is another feature I care. I don’t want be shocked, burn myself or set my house on fire using a hot object. What’s great about this straightener is its unique design, there is a frame separating the heating core from skin, so it only heats up hair inside the comb and insulated my skin from heat. I use the straightener right on my scalp but I feel nothing. So I can brush my hair in any angle without worrying about burning myself. I give extra credits to this design, great! Love it!!!

  8. CiCi

    I admit I was skeptical about this straightener. I saw a YouTube video that showed someone using this product on their hair and I took a chance on it. I have 3c/4a hair and I have only been able to straighten my hair successfully a handful of times. I usually had to roll my hair on magnetic rollers first, sit under a hooded dryer for hours, and then flat iron the roots. I have only gotten good straightened results with flat iron only from my stylist. I have a good understanding of black hair care because my mom is a licensed cosmetologist and she taught me what she knows. I knew how to do my hair well when I had a relaxer, but after I decided to go natural over 12 years ago, I have struggled to get my hair really straight on my own. That is, until now. I wish I knew about this product before I bought and wasted my money on the other 2 straightening brushes I have and on the 3 flat irons I have. This product is amazing. I keep looking at my hair in the mirror because I can’t believe it’s so straight!!! There’s no need to do the flat iron chase method because this product combines those two tools. You do need to comb each section prior to passing the straightener through your hair, but that’s common with any straightener. It did not take long either. I washed and blow dried my hair the night before. The time it took to straighten my hair with this tool was about 30-45 minutes.

  9. Zhuxi Li

    I was skeptical of buying one of these things, they seemed too good to be true with my thin, unruly, wavy,fragile hair.  I’m always clumsy when trying to coordinate my hands around my hair but this hot brush makes it so easy to look like I just walked out out a salon.It works as good as traditional flat iron but seems to cause less hair damage.Doesn’t pull hair, straightens perfectly and saves me hours of time. No “fried” ends! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Insanely amazing for the price.

  10. Victoria Jackson

    I really love this iron! I use the second to highest heat setting because I have coarse hair and it straightens it on the first pass! I do go up from under rather then down from the top because i feel that it works a little better for me that way. My hair is incredibly shiny and frizz-free, as well as being so soft. This didn’t take much longer than using a regular flat iron, but i love the results way better! I will continue using this product!!

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