HAIROIC Curling Iron, Hair Straightener, Flat Iron, Plancha de Cabello Professional, Flat Iron for Black Women Hair, Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1, Professional Hair Straightener

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Lightweight & Easy to Use — HAIROIC hair straightener with 20 heat settings just rotates adjust temperature. The Lightweight hair straightener want your beautification routine to be carefree and filled with smiles rather than a burdensome chore.

Long-term Gorgeous Shine — HAIROIC hair straightener keep heating distributed evenly, you don’t need to go over the same strand of hair multiple times. Damage-Free hair straightener helps retain moisture and enhances your hair long-term.

No Tugging or Snagging — HAIROIC hair straightener with mirror floating plates work wonders on any type of hair, allowing you to straighten or curl your hair within minutes so you never have to worry about breaking hair, split ends or frizz.

Powerful Heat Up — HAIROIC hair straightener to save time is crucial in making sure you get silky smooth hair sections with just 1 pass and on any hair type. This hair straightener reaches max heat in 15 seconds, saving you time getting ready.

A Lock for Safety & Travel — HAIROIC hair straightener comes with a lock to keep closed, so it takes up less space. Other important features like Dual Voltage, 360° Swivel Cord and 60 Min Auto Shutoff are included with this hair straightener.

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10 reviews for HAIROIC Curling Iron, Hair Straightener, Flat Iron, Plancha de Cabello Professional, Flat Iron for Black Women Hair, Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1, Professional Hair Straightener

  1. Mmazag

    Excelente plancha de cabello, no calienta tan rápido como indica la pantalla de control de temperatura pero si calienta hasta lo que dice, deja el cabello súper suave y brillante y mientras la usas no hace humear el cabello como otras planchas note esto porque antes usaba una plancha de placas de cerámica y cuando la usaba mi cabello estaba humeante. En resumen me parece una excelente compra siento que no daña mi cabello porque tengo un cabello extremadamente procesado y en proceso de recuperación. Cómprala! No te arrepentirás! Es liviana y ocupa poco espacio

  2. Traci C

    I bought this for my daughter who is not quite ready to start primping in the morning but about to be. I have my own straightener but was afraid she’d lose it in her room or just constantly have it in her bathroom. Buying a 2nd one seemed like the smartest idea. So far so good. She’s learning how to straighten her hair in general and this particular straightener seems to be perfect for her. This heats up quickly, shows the temp on the display and the included clips are perfect for her hair. The other great thing about this straightener, that I learned from my hair stylist, is that you can use this to also curl your hair. This is everything my daughter could ever need for her hair when she’s ready to start doing her hair more.

  3. Desiree Meeks

    I 💕 this new straightener!! Tbh, I tend to use them more to curl than straighten bc my hair is already pin straight, and i REALLY like the versatility you get with this product. The slower you pull down the strand of hair, the tighter the curls are. I initially only set it to 400 to do my daughters difficult to curl hair(well… Difficult to KEEP curled-it will initially be bouncy then fall out within the hour).I tried it with and without heat/glossing protection spray and only noticed a slight difference in shine and ease of the hair gliding through the iron. Surprisingly, despite moving rather quickly through her hair and NOT doing “tight” curls, after playing all afternoon and sleeping on it last night, the gentle waves are still there, albeit a bit looser than they were yesterday.I tried it on mine (processed, longer and ultra pin straight) and found similar results. The main difference was that I needed to crank it up to 425. My hair didn’t glide as nicely as hers did, but I also just got it bleached a few days ago and it hasn’t gotten enough repair masks yet!The temp control is unlike any other I’ve used and is very easy to set to the temp that works best for your hair type. I’m obsessed with the lock function- especially having little kids around that love to grab at things they shouldn’t (it’s hard to burn yourself when closed!!). The heating elements are recessed enough that you can grab the tip of the iron while pulling it down/twisting your hair and It doesn’t burn your fingertips✌️I also REALLY like the brush that came with it… It’s very gentle and similar to my favorite DryBar brush that I use pretty exclusively😊 I was surprised bc with other irons, I’ve received clips, a heat protection pad or holder to travel with (the only reason I removed a star was bc it lacked a travel case. The box is small enough to pack but it would definitely add unnecessary bulk!).The ONLY thing I’d like were if the plates were a bit longer… We all have a LOT of hair and its challenging to stay on the plates when curling.Overall, I’m happy with this purchase and hope it has a longer life span than my last $100 straightener!!**ALL OPINIONS/REVIEWS ARE MY OWN and NOT INFLUENCED by any programs, coupons or product discounts I may have received in exchange for my honest review!!

  4. Vishaal Krishnan

    Just ordered this product for my wife. She was absolutely delighted just by the packaging. A stylish hair straightener which comes with a hair brush and a styling guide. Easy temperature control and rotates for curling. It took her 25 minutes to straighten her frizzy curly hair.Happy Customer!

  5. Abe kap

    I have a hair straightener that I ordered off of Amazon and it worked good for 5 years . Now I was on a hunt for one that I could use as a straightener or to curl after a blow out . There are many options here and the reason I went ahead with this one is because of the fancy packaging;) In my mind I was thinking of a seller could pay attention to the packaging the product must be good too . And YES it is worth it .Now I received this item and used it over The Weekend and I was surprised that it took me approx 15 minutes to straighten my thick ( stubborn ) , frizzy , wavy hair .Heat settings are easy to use and heats up fast . Takes the frizz away in seconds .Works perfect and I will highly recommend.I hope this performs for few years like my previous one did 🤞

  6. Monique

    I loved, you can curl or straighten your hair! It doesn’t pull your hair, and the result it is very natural. The temperature you can choose and it’s pretty simple to use! I recommend this product because the curls stay intact all day and it doesn’t destroy your hair.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for a new straightener that could also loosely curl hair and I stumbled upon this. Let me preface this review by telling everyone that I used to have a TYME iron, it cost me about $150 and after the first few times I used it the plastic shell melted into my hair while I was running it through and burned off a huge chunk of my hair. I didn’t hold it there for long or too tightly, I simply was just running it through. Anyways, after that horrible experience I was looking for a new one and when I saw the price of this one I didn’t think it would be that great, but after reading the awesome reviews I decided to give it a try. When it came I was shocked at the quality. It is amazing! It is very sturdy and easy to use. The temperature control is awesome and the locking feature is wonderful for traveling and storage, I never knew I needed this feature until now! I’ve used it once or twice and it straightens my hair so easily and doesn’t frizz it AT ALL, like other products tend to do. So far I LOVE this product and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  8. Jessica T

    I love this straightener! I have very long, fine and color treated hair and after straightening it it feels like silk. I had my hair in a ponytail with a baseball cap all day (my mom get-up haha) and then used this and couldn’t be more impressed! It comes in a pretty box with a brush and some tips on how to straighten or curl your hair. I still need to figure out how to curl with a straightening iron haha I would definitely recommend this straightening iron! Oh, also, it heats up SO fast! I’ve never had an iron that heats up within 5seconds!!! I also like that when I turn it off I can close it and lock it so it won’t open. God forbid one of my kids got a hold of it then at least it would be closed and locked

  9. D K

    I will admit that it’s been a few years since I invested in a new hair straightener, but I’m really glad that I picked this one. As others mentioned, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Guys, this thing is pretty, sleek, and chic. Even the packaging that it arrived in is beautiful and well thought out. I didn’t realize until I opened it, but Furiden donates a portion of their sales of the straightener to ending hunger. I wish they advertised that. Talk about a feel good purchase! The straightener features a lock, which my old one didn’t have. I love it because it minimizes burns if I leave it on the counter to warm up & one of my kids happens to nudge it. Safety first, right? It heats up to 450, which means it’s hot enough for the thickest hair, and it heats up nice and quick. As others have mentioned, the plates are on the short side, but all that really means is that you have to work your hair in smaller sections and take your time, something I’m still adjusting to. If you’re looking for a straightener to curl your hair with, you’re in luck, because this one comes with a guide. I’ll be honest, I tried to follow the steps and then ended up consulting a YouTube video, which essentially told me the exact same thing, but apparently I needed it broken down into a 10 min video instead of 3 easy written steps. I’m still getting the hang of curling; my hair kinks because I’m not using the most fluid of motions to glide the straightener through my hair, but touch-ups are a breeze. All in all, this has some pretty nice features that makes it stand out from your basic straightener. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re ready for an upgrade.

  10. Nancy Mace

    Pros:LightweightSwivel cord, longQuick heat!! (Super quick)Easy interfaceLocking optionFree brush!Cons:Due to the shape, it rolls easily BUT it’s great for volume and the plates aren’t all the way to the edge. Just a heads up in case you put on anything possibly flamable.Brush was squished in, but didn’t hinder use.I think this is a great value. I have a babyliss nano, but am giving this as a present. With how quickly it heats and it’s non tug plates, I think it’s a great bargain for the price.

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