Spring 2015: Must-Try Makeup Trends

Spring is in bloom, and along with it have come fresh and colorful makeup trends that are too sweet to miss out on.

Let’s start with the eyes. For a fresh look, rose gold eyes are in. Experiment with your eyeshadow to find the perfect combination and placement of pink and gold for your eyes. This style especially complements hazel eyes, but everyone can wear it. Blue eyes and light eyes may call for a lighter application.

If you’ve got your eye on a colorful, vibrant look, colorful smokey eyes are the way to go. BNY’s super saturated Silk Finish Eye Shadow is available in 30 colors. Try Monaco (blue) or Purple Night, and consider mixing and matching colors with one on top and a different one below the eye. The key to creating perfect smokey eyes is to blend slightly beyond the lids.

Trend Tip: Bold eyeliner is also a must-try, but just make sure that the bolder you go, the less makeup you use elsewhere.

Now let’s talk about those lovely lips. To look as new and refreshed as Spring itself, you can give true nude lipstick a try. True nude means a lip color that matches your skin tone. It’s not for everyone, so luckily a clear lip gloss like BNY’s Allure Shine Lip Gloss in Oh So Clear or one with a slight tint will also do the trick and is quite popular this Spring.

If color is calling to you, go with coral red lipstick, which is a perfect match for T-shirt dresses and springy tops. It can be a pale or bright shade, but to keep it runway-current try going heavier with color in the middle of your lips and blend outward.

Rosy cheeks are always an attractive choice in the Spring. Choose a medium pink and make your cheeks stand out by going light on the rest of your makeup.

Last but definitely not least, your face needs to be flawless. Everyone went crazy for contouring in the fall and winter, but this Spring it’s all about looking fresh and natural. You can use a lightweight foundation for sheer coverage and balanced skin, but you should definitely strive to create the ultimate enviable fresh face sans makeup by using BNY’s White Diamond Facial Serum and other exceptional BNY skincare products.

Which Spring 2015 makeup trend is your favorite? Do you prefer fresh and natural, or as colorful as Spring flowers? Comment and let us know!

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