Taming the Untamable: Enjoy Your Thick Hair to the Fullest

If you have thick, coarse hair, you’ve probably dreaded it, rolling your eyes at those who express envy over those luscious locks that require so much maintenance. It’s true that you need to maintain your hair, but knowing how to do it right will yield benefits that are worth the work.

Shower Routine

Washing your hair in cold water reduces frizz and helps your hair look shinier – with the added bonus of waking you up! Speaking of washing, you should NOT be shampooing daily, as that’s going to dry out your hair. And when you do shampoo, make sure it’s one that hydrates with a serious dose of moisture, like BNY’s Essential Hydration Argan Oil Shampoo. Conditioner, on the other hand, can be used daily. If your hair is coarse or thick, applying conditioner over all your hair can help weigh it down and keep it tamed throughout the day. If it’s curly or wavy, you’re better off using a quarter-sized amount to skip the waxy feeling. After you shower, avoid excessive towel drying and brushing while wet, which is when your hair is the most fragile, prone to frizz, and can cause breakage.

Drying and Heat

Straightening with a flat iron (at a temperature of 350 to 400 degrees) will change the texture of your hair and make it more manageable. Be sure to use Brilliance New York Heat Protector before exposing your locks to all that heat. When blowdrying your hair, start with damp hair rather than soaking wet hair, and don’t dry it completely.

That being said, you shouldn’t use heat on your head every day. Not to mention we don’t always have time in the morning for all that primping. Some easy hairstyles that look especially good with thick hair are braids, buns, and ponytails. Try wrapping a strand of hair around the ponytail holder to create a look that’s extra sophisticated.

Extra Moisture

Deep conditioning your hair periodically will not only make it look prettier and healthier but will also make it easier to maintain every day. Use BNY’s Essential Hydration Argan Oil Repairing Hair Masque on a weekly basis or in between wash days to help with moisture. A daily leave-in conditioner or oil like BNY’s Argan Oil Hydration Hair Serum can also keep the frizzies and fly-aways at bay.

Trimming and Cuts

We know you’re busy, but try to make time for a trim every six to eight weeks. The ends of your hair are the driest, crunchiest, and frizziest, so getting rid of them periodically will make a big difference in how you feel about your hair. When it comes to getting a haircut, the goal should be layers with soft edges that frame your face – not a blunt, one-length bob or cut. The right cut can help thick, coarse hair look thinner and smoother.

You Are Unique

Everyone’s hair is different. Give our customer care and style specialist Stephanie a call at 877-654-8889 if you’d like help choosing products that are best for your hair. We’d also love to hear if you have other tips or stories about your thick hair – leave a comment and share!

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