Changing Seasons, Changing Colors: Get the Most from your Hair Color

Changing Seasons, Changing Colors: Get the Most from your Hair Color

As the seasons change, you might be thinking about changing your hair color. With Spring freshly arrived and Summer right around the corner, you may be considering going lighter, or maybe you already have. Whether following the trends or going along your own path, whether you just colored or are about to, and whether you frequent a salon or bravely color your hair at home, these hair color care tips will help you do color the right way.

Dye it when it’s dirty. When your hair isn’t its cleanest, it’s easier to section hair, which comes in handy when doing the dying yourself. And especially for those of us with sensitive skin that gets irritated from the chemicals in hair dye, natural oils from the scalp can help protect you, so it’s best to avoid shampooing for at least a day before coloring. Even if your hair is full of the styling products you’ve used for the past two days, hair dye is strong enough to penetrate it and give you radiant and long-lasting hair color.

Make sure it’s moist. Applying a deep-conditioning hair masque like BNY’s Essential Hydration Argan Oil Repairing Hair Masque a few days before coloring your hair is a great way to lock in moisture, which will help your hair hold the pigment. This goes for after dying, too. Color fades faster from dry, damaged hair, as well as from sun and frequent shampooing, so be sure to nurture your hair.

Don’t dive into the pool. Avoid underwater pool time two weeks before and after coloring your hair. The chlorine strips away your hair cuticles and opens your hair shafts, allowing water minerals to enter and change the color. You can always look lovely lounging poolside, but if you’re a swimmer just keep your hair up and stick to the breast stroke.

Don’t over-dye. Coloring your hair every four weeks isn’t good for your hair. Opting for a color that’s close to your natural hair color, or just going with highlights, means that roots growing in won’t be as obvious and you can give your hair a longer break between coloring sessions. That being said, hair damage happens. Restore with BNY’s Protect And Repair Shampoo, Conditioner And Masque Bundle.

Get a shade that complements YOU. Your Twitter feeds may suddenly fill with friends and celebrities rocking their new blonde locks to the beach, all somehow in the same shade of enviable gold. (A certain Kardashian comes to mind.) But if your reddish skin tone calls for hair with a red tint, rock that red and be envied. If considering changing your natural color by more than three shades, try wearing a wig in that color first. Take pictures. See how it looks with your favorite outfits and makeup. Remember that the right shade, much like makeup, enhances rather than overpowers your face.

What color are you dying your hair this Summer? Has a dip in the pool ever turned your hair green? Comment and share your hair color stories with us!

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