Diamonds, Rubies, and Caviar – Skin Care’s New Best Friends

While it seems like there is always a new radical skin care trend on the rise, some of these breakthroughs have helped revolutionize our approach to skin care. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis have been rumored to indulge in some high end, luxurious skin care routines including caviar and diamond treatments. It may sound over the top, but caviar, ruby, and diamonds have all shown to greatly improve the look and feel of skin, helping with anti-aging issues and hydration.

Some of our skincare products feature a groundbreaking compound named LXIR, containing a diamond peptide, which brings together a sirtuin-like complex and all natural ingredients. With all of these different collections and ingredients, it may be difficult to discern which of these collections may be best for you to try.

Which one of these is best for you? We’ll breakdown how each of these collections work.

Caviar Magnetic Exfoliating Mask - Brilliance New York 2014-12-04 22-28-04

Caviar Collection – The caviar collection is comprised of the caviar eye cream, eye serum, and exfoliating mask. These products work together to help reduce the signs of aging. The caviar works alongside with other natural ingredients such as Jojoba seed extract, aloe, green tea, and macadamia seed extract to keep skin looking radiant. These products also diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Ruby Skin Care Collection – Apart from repairing skin protein structure and improving overall appearance, the ruby skin care collection also helps strengthen the skins defense system. The combination of LXIR and micronized ruby crystals, plus other all-natural ingredients and essential vitamins, provides unparalleled rejuvenation for skin. This unique blend can be found in the ruby face cream, ruby facial serum, and ruby thermal heating mask.

White Diamond Facial Serum - Brilliance New York 2014-12-04 22-33-37

White Diamond Skin Care Collection – For the ultimate in hydration, look no further than the white diamond line. This line is intended for daily use, and helps to fight the signs of aging while also improving skin’s health. The trio of products including the white diamond peel gel, white diamond facial serum, and white diamond face cream, work together to create a flawless finish. Vitamins A, B, C, and E, plus other natural ingredients such as grape seed extract, are paired together with LXIR to help the elasticity as well as cleanse skin.

Are you ready to indulge in a finer approach to skin care? View all our lines on our Skin Care page. You can also browse our Gold Collection and Pearl Collection, which can also help improve the look of your skin.

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