Vintage Hairstyles Go Modern this Fall

Hairstyles, much like fashion trends, have a way of coming back when we least expect them. With shows like Mad Men, and modern style icons like Emma Watson and Mary Kate Olson rocking vintage styles, these looks are making a comeback.

No matter what your style, there’s an era you can borrow from. Mod era looks such as pixie cuts and blunt bangs are a throwback to the 60s, while bombshell curls and victory rolls are perfect for those wanting a more glamorous look. For an everyday, casual ‘do, try out one of the many braids that are trending for fall or wrap your hair in a vintage hair scarf.

Here are some of the vintage looks that should be on your radar.


  1. Braids

Whether it’s Dutch, milkmaid, or classic French, braids are a trend for fall. Models have been seen strutting down the runways with fishtail braids, as well braided hair in topknots and buns. For a casual look, try donning a milkmaid braid. Watch this tutorial by HuffPost Style to learn how.

  1. Vintage Glam Curls

The pin up girls and 40s glamour looks of yesteryear have come back full force. Victory curls, vintage waves and full on Marilyn Monroe style curls are a romantic look for fall. No matter how big (or small) you want your curls, you can create these looks with a clipless curling iron. See this tutorial.

Victory Roll Hairstyle

  1. Pixie Hair Cuts

Dare to take the plunge? The pixie hair cut is a nod to the mod look made famous by Twiggy and has been popping up ever since Michelle Williams and Emma Watson snipped their longer locks. It’s chic and modern and can be extremely low maintenance.  If chopping off your hair isn’t for you, try a modern style bouffant or blunt bangs.


Pixie Cut Hairstyle

  1. Vintage Hair Scarves

Ever have a morning when you just can’t seem to get out of bed?  A vintage scarf can be your new accessory. This style takes very little time and is perfect for those days when you need to get up and out as quickly as possible.

Which style are you in love with? Are you all about the Mod look or have a favorite braid? Show us your looks on Twitter @BrillanceNY or on our Facebook page.

Photo credits: 1. HuffPost Style  |  2. Random Tuesdays  |  3. The Beauty Department  |  4.   Keiko Lynn

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