Body Souffle – Your Skin’s New BFF

The long, humid days of summer are gone and the signs of fall are all around us. With cooler temperatures comes a new host of issues, including dry skin. If you miss the radiance your skin had a few weeks back, you can recapture that radiance with a moisturizing power shot.

Replace your summer moisturizer with a new alternative: a body soufflé. While typical lotions may be enough for everyday use, body soufflés give your skin an intense amount of hydration. The thicker formulas give your skin a bit more protection against dry or flaky skin.

If you’re tired of dull, dry skin and want to avoid having to put on lotion multiple times a day, body butters may be just right for you. Two new formulas may be the perfect solution for your skin needs.


Body Soufflé – Sweet Reverie

A highly moisturizing emollient, the Sweet Reverie Body Soufflé has a special rehydration formula that will give your skin the nourishment it needs. The scent is light, calming and features natural avocado extracts, making it a natural addition to your daily regimen.


Body Soufflé – Moonlight Serenade

Also part of the newest line from Brilliance New York is the Moonlight Serenade Body Soufflé. Similar to its Sweet Reverie sister, the Moonlight Serenade body butter features an intense blast of hydration. It’s calming fragrance and rich texture makes it an essential staple to cure dry skin.

For best results, pair either of these body souffles with their corresponding salt scrub. Used two to three times a week, these salt scrubs exfoliate the skin and replenish rough, dull skin. The sweet almond oils and jojoba seed oils, paired with the hydrating body butters will make your skin radiant and smooth.

There’s no reason for your skin to miss out on its usual smoothness because of the temperature drops. Just a little bit of body butter, used either day or night, could replenish your skin to its natural brilliance.

How does your skin react during cooler seasons? Drop us a line on Twitter at @BrillianceNY or on our Facebook page.

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