Perfecting the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look (for Non-Celebs)

For celebs like Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and others, the ‘no-makeup’ look has become a proud statement used on selfies and personal photos. It even has its own hashtag: #nomakeup.

For us non-celebrities, we either go au naturale or put on just enough of natural makeup to look au naturale. For this, you’ll need to perfect the “no makeup” makeup look. It will give you the fresh-faced glow that looks effortless, but will actually involve some subtle work on your part.

The key is using tools and products that even out your skin tone and provide an overall flawlessness. This step-by-step tutorial will shed light on the process.

Total Coverage Foundation - Light Olive

  1. Face – Start with a foundation that provides medium coverage without being too heavy, like our HD Total Coverage Foundation. This not only evens out the complexion, but also includes natural sunscreen for everyday use. Apply Liquid Concealer as well, covering your under eye area. Instead of dotting the concealer, apply in a triangular shape beneath your eye for better coverage of dark circles. With a brush, evenly distribute and blend the concealer and the foundation.Baked Blush - Brilliance New York
  2. Cheeks – Give yourself the barest flush with a soft swipe of Baked Blush. To keep it natural, opt for a blush color that suits your skin tone and apply lightly.Silk Finish Eye Shadow - Demure
  3. Eyes – Work on your eyebrows (small details count with the natural look) by using a pencil or brush with eyebrow powder to fill in lighter areas and achieve the desired shape. You might want to use eye shadow as well. If you do, sweep on a light translucent shade, such as the Silk Finish Eye Shadow in Demure, and apply it from the lid to the brow bone. It should look subtle, while providing a little color. Finish framing the eyes with a light coat of Lush Black Mascara.
    LavaLip Color Stick -Belle
  4. Lips – This isn’t the day for dramatic red lipstick. Opt for a lip color that’s only one shade darker than your natural lips. Great options include EverDream Lipstick in Melrose or LavaLip Color Stick in Belle.

You’ll need a subtle hand to get this no-fuss, natural look, but it can be achieved with a little practice. Best of all, it won’t take as long as you think. By changing up and lightening your normal makeup routine, you can appear with #nomakeup (or little makeup) and look as fresh-faced as your favorite celebs.

What’s your go-to look on days when you’re pressed for time? Share it with us on Twitter at @BrillianceNY or on our Facebook page.

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