Holiday foods to enjoy for healthy skin

Between Thanksgiving and holiday parties, there are plenty of ways to lose sight of your usual dietary routine. This season, it’s especially easy to snack a lot of foods that are taxing on your waistline, and your skin.

Some simple switches can help ensure you’ll keep your skin radiant throughout the holiday season and into the New Year. Instead of approaching this season as one to abstain, think of it as a challenge to try something new – your skin will thank you for it!

If you want to make sure this season don’t leave your skin a mess, here are some holiday foods to enjoy for healthy skin:

  1. Dark chocolate – Chocolate cakes, hot chocolate, and chocolate treats – it’s almost impossible to avoid chocolate, right? If you don’t want to lay off the sweets, opt for dark chocolate instead. Cocoa is actually great for your skin, as it hydrates and makes it seem more luminous. Reach for chocolate that has over 70% cocoa instead of the usual chocolates.
  1. Green tea – Resist the urge for a sugary soda as an afternoon pick-me-up this season. Not only is soda bad for you for a multitude of reasons, but it has a lot of sugar per can. Sugar damages collagen, which affects the overall appearance of your skin, plus sugar can cause wrinkles. Opt for a warm, soothing cup of green tea instead, which can actually help with redness and inflammation.
  1. Walnuts – Between the candy bowls, the platters of food, and different baskets being sent to your office, it’s hard to resist the urge to snack. Instead of binging on the sugary snacks, keep some walnuts at hand to fight the urge. Walnuts can help with skin’s elasticity, as they can contain omega-3 essential fatty acids.

These switches can help at any time, but it’s definitely harder to deal with during the holidays. What are some simple switches you’ve made that helped your skin out? Let us know on our Facebook page or tweet us @BrillianceNY!

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  1. I got the caviar magnetic exfoliating mask.
    I need help on how to use it. Do u wash it off or let it absorb into your skin?

    1. For best results, apply to thoroughly cleansed skin. Using the enclosed spatula, apply a thin, even layer onto your face and upper neck. Leave mask on for 2-5 minutes. Wrap the enclosed magnet wand in thin tissue and, with upward motions, use magnetic wand to lift the mask and remove impurities. Magnet and tissue should be held closest to the skin without touching in order to avoid dragging the product across the face with it.
      In circular motions, gently massage the remaining nutrient residue into your skin.
      For best results follow treatment with Brilliance New York’s Caviar Collection Eye Serum and Cream.

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